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About Us

About Us

About Us is about NESSKOSSI REHABILITATION AND SUPPORT FOUNDATION. We, the members of NESSKOSSI REHABILITATION AND SUPPORT FOUNDATION, a not-for-profit and non-political organization, do firmly and solemnly resolve to give the following information about this organization. This is About Us.

Registered Address:

The address of the Association is HOUSE NO. 1, ALAOMA VILLAGE ROAD, EZIALA AKPODIM, EZINIHITTE MBAISE LGA, IMO STATE, NIGERIA, with an operating office in Abuja, Owerri, Aba, and Lagos, and projecting to reach out other states of the federation.

This is About Us:

Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of the association are:
1 To engage in development and rehabilitation programs for the vulnerable in society. emphasizing the rehabilitation of single mothers and widows.
2 To render help to the fatherless, motherless, widows, and the less privileged in the society
3 To give hope to the needy and succor to the afflicted by taking care of orphans, empowering them at their maturity, and providing for the needy with both material and financial assistance
4 To render humanitarian support to the poor in society, through orphanage homes, hospitals, and social welfare centers
5 To promote the welfare of members
6 To empower youths with modern skills, tools, and technology for business growth and sustainability.

This is About Us.

Mission and set of Objectives:

Above is a commendable mission and set of objectives for the NESSKOSSI REHABILITATION AND SUPPORT FOUNDATION. Our organization aims to engage in development and rehabilitation programs for the vulnerable in society, with a specific emphasis on single mothers and widows. We also seek to assist the fatherless, motherless, widows, and less privileged individuals in society. Additionally, we aim to provide hope and support to the needy, including orphans, by empowering them as they mature and offering material and financial assistance. Read About Us.

Another objective of our organization is to provide humanitarian support to the poor in society, focusing on orphanages, hospitals, and social welfare centers. Additionally, we aim to promote the welfare of our members. Finally, we seek to empower youth by equipping them with modern skills, tools, and technology for business growth and sustainability.

Our organization’s address is listed as House No. 1, Alaoma Village Road Eziala Akpodim, Ezinihitte Mbaise, Nigeria, with operating offices in Abuja, Owerri, Aba, and Lagos. Furthermore, we have plans to expand our reach to other states in the federation. Read More About Us.

In general, NESSKOSSI REHABILITATION AND SUPPORT FOUNDATION is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable and less privileged individuals in Nigerian society.

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Nesskossi Rehabilitation and Support Foundation Activities in Nigeria

The Nesskossi Rehabilitation and Support Foundation is a beacon of hope and a symbol of compassion in Nigeria. Through its comprehensive humanitarian services, this organization strives to uplift and empower Nigerian society in various ways, catering to the diverse needs of the community. The foundation’s activities encompass a wide range of initiatives and programs that address critical issues and bring positive transformations to the lives of countless individuals across the country.

Rehabilitation Centers:

One of the core pillars of the Nesskossi Foundation’s work is the establishment of rehabilitation centers across Nigeria. These centers cater to individuals facing addiction issues, such as drug and alcohol abuse, and provide a nurturing and supportive environment for their recovery. Trained professionals and counselors work tirelessly to help those in need break free from the chains of addiction and reintegrate into society as healthy and productive members. Read About Us here.

Educational Support:

Recognizing the significance of education in uplifting communities, the foundation is committed to providing educational support to underprivileged children and youth. Through scholarships, school supply donations, and mentorship programs, the foundation aims to create equal opportunities for education and bridge the gap between privileged and disadvantaged students.

Healthcare Initiatives:

Nesskossi Rehabilitation and Support Foundation also plays a vital role in improving healthcare access and services in marginalized communities. They organize medical camps, health awareness programs, and collaborate with medical professionals to provide free or subsidized medical care to those who cannot afford it.

Vocational Training:

To combat unemployment and poverty, the foundation offers vocational training programs that equip individuals with practical skills and knowledge. From carpentry and tailoring to computer literacy and entrepreneurship, these programs enable beneficiaries to secure sustainable livelihoods and improve their economic circumstances.

Women Empowerment:

The foundation recognizes the crucial role women play in society and strives to empower them through various initiatives. This includes skill development workshops, microfinance opportunities, and advocacy for women’s rights, promoting gender equality and creating a more inclusive society. Read More About Us.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Response:

In times of natural disasters or other emergencies, the Nesskossi Foundation promptly mobilizes resources to provide relief and support to affected communities. They collaborate with local authorities and other humanitarian organizations to ensure immediate assistance reaches those in distress. Read About Us.

About Us

Founder and Chief Executive

Community Development:

Again, by engaging in community development projects, the foundation aims to improve infrastructure, access to clean water, and sanitation facilities in underserved areas. These efforts contribute to enhancing the overall living conditions and quality of life for the residents. Read More About Us.

Environmental Conservation:

Recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability, the foundation actively participates in conservation efforts. They organize tree-planting drives, raise awareness about environmental issues, and promote eco-friendly practices to protect the natural resources and preserve the beauty of Nigeria’s landscapes.

As you can see, through its comprehensive approach and dedication to serving the people of Nigeria, the Nesskossi Rehabilitation and Support Foundation has become a model for humanitarian organizations. By addressing the diverse needs of the society, the foundation’s activities aim to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of individuals and communities throughout the nation.